GośćInność + Interwencja Pasażerska

Hospitality Initiative and Passenger Intervention, both initiatives promoting diversity, invite you to hop on the historical tram to have a chat and get some tasty food! This unusual tandem will surprise your senses, stir you imagination, and will definitely give you food for thought over igniting social issues. What is hospitality for you? What does hospitality make you think of? How does hospitality look like at your own place? How do we show hospitality? Does hospitality give Poles a sense of community? Or have we moved away from this beautiful tradition and cannot afford hospitality anymore? 


The tram passengers had an opportunity to interact with representatives of both initiatives GośćInność + Interwencja Pasażerska, learn more about their mission, and participate in the game with tasty rewards – Afghan dumplings prepaperd by immigrants living in Poland.